Safety Rules in Video Chats

Personal safety in video chats in the primary thing to be concerned about since services such as chatroulettes is where we talk to people we do not know. At all. You do not have any common friends with a person and no clue about anything else about him or her. Probably, that is the very point of video chatting with random people because you can reveal anything you want about yourself knowing that this person will just listen and will not tell out your secrets to anyone you know. Still, many people become victims of video chat frauds on a regular basis. In order not to become one of such people, you have to strictly follow the given security rules:

  • Do not reveal any personal or specific information about yourself.
  • Do not tell something you will later regret about.
  • Do block and report video chat bullies.
  • Do not open links shared by strangers.
  • Set up a secure password to your video chat account.
  • Make sure personal data on your profile is not open to public view.

What About Children?

Children become victims of chat bullies and scammers even more often than adults. The majority of online offenders target children specifically because they are easier to trick. First, a person pretends to exhibit a real interest in your child’s life and personality. Later, he or she pretends to be his friend. From this point on, it is easy for an abuser to manipulate the child, pit the child against his or her parents, and, eventually, use the child to get information needed. With this in mind, it is every parent’s responsibility to ensure the child is safe and sound both in the real and the virtual world.

Protect your child from video chat fraud in 5 steps:

  1. Talk to your kid and explain all the advantages and disadvantages of video chatting with random people. Even if your child says he or she does not use such services, it will increase their awareness.
  2. Keep a laptop or a PC in the living room. Set a rule that a laptop is kept and being used in the room where you can see it.
  3. Set antivirus and camera security settings properly.
  4. Teach your child to instantly block and report video chat bullies.
  5. Ask your child to tell you when they meet nice people who want to be their friends online.

Video chatting is a generally safe and fun activity to be engaged in. However, you need to be reasonable and cold-minded when it comes to your privacy and security. Do not let people use or manipulate you no matter how nice or friendly they seem to be. Set your security concern on maximum when it comes to children – they are the most vulnerable and the most targeted population group for video chat phishers and scammers. Do not rely solely on video chat service to protect your personal data. Make sure your system is protected with antivirus and web cam settings are okay. This way, there is nothing you should worry about.

Video Chatting Advice for Newbies

It is difficult to imagine a person who has never been video chatting with other people online. If you are one of video chat newbies, there is nothing to worry about. Probably, you have previously talked to distant relatives or acquaintances via cam but never to random people, right? Here are some tips as to how to look good on camera and make the random person in video chat like you!

  • Clothes and makeup

The way you look is surely a big deal when making the first impression. Just wear something that is not too bright, too sexy, or too weird. Same goes for make-up if you are a girl. Sticking to the golden middle is a way to go especially when you meet people for the first time.

  • Arrange the background

If you are sitting in your room, make sure it is not messy. Clean up at least the area that cam covers.

  • Focus on the conversation

People do not like it when someone they talk to constantly distracts on someone or something else. So, be alone in the room and put other things aside – you can finish scrolling Facebook feed or replying to messages later.

  • Do not look at yourself

When talking to someone in video chat, it is not necessary to constantly check the way you look. Some people, especially girls, can barely remember people they talk to because they stare at their own image the majority of time. Instead, it would be cool if you looked directly into the camera from time to time. This way, the person you talk to will see you looking them in the eyes, which feels like a real conversation indeed.

  • Look natural

Probably, the best way to look on cam is to forget about that you are on video call. Concentrate on the conversation and better think of ways to make yourself interesting to another person. Make it look like there is no screens between the two of you are you are sure enough to catch the attention.

More Things To Consider

While trying hard making friends in video chat, do not forget about basic security measures to protect yourself from unpleasant occurrences. Very often, people take fake feelings and love confessions of video chat friends seriously and become victims of fraud. To be on the safe side, do not do the following:

  • Reveal personal information about yourself (phone number, email, address, etc.).
  • Trust people who are asking too many questions.
  • Follow links shared by strangers.
  • Use unchecked or unreputable chats.

    Once you understand the way video chatting works, you will feel confident about talking to completely random people. Video chatting with dozens of people while actually being alone at home is a great way out when you feel lonely or bored. Still, basic security tips are important to remember if you want to protect yourself and your family from unwanted intrusion into your personal life. With all the niceties kept in mind, you are all set up to meeting new people from all over the world with the help of video chats.